Sylvia Plath's House

Truly one of my favorite writers, Sylvia Plath is the muse for today's Classic Author House Curation. I was in high school when I started down the romantic poet path of Keats, Shelley, Blake & Dickinson. I loved poetry, and was elated when I found Sylvia Plath's works. Immediately, I started devouring her writing, and she led me down the road to more feminist literary experiences. After which, I went through a dark, brooding stage (all teenage girls go through that right?), where I was questioning my role as a woman in society and my future. Determined not to let the "man" keep me down, I swore off ever getting married or having children (That didn't work out so well as all this went out the door once I fell in love with my high school sweetheart - now my husband - a few months later). During this time in my life, I was wearing my plaid shirts, overalls & combat boots (grunge was a thing then & I was super into Nirvana), listening to Mazzy Star by candlelight and plastering poems all over my bedroom wall. Looking back on the whole time period makes me want to give kudos to my parents for letting me be this way without ever saying a word - love them for that! I tend to think of my life in chunks of time and the authors that I read during those times almost like ferryman ushering me through particular phases of my life - a friend to learn from and confide in through life's journey. I've heralded the wonders of classic literature many times on this blog, but this experience is THE REASON why I integrate literature into my design and art. These authors are my friends - sometimes a good influence, sometimes a bad one - during a particular period in my life. All the books I've read (especially "The Bell Jar") have come into my conscious & presence at just the right time for me to gleam some important nugget of truth from it, whether it be fiction or non-fiction. This is the wonder of books; how they shape us as people. I'm constantly amazed at the way a book can really change your consciousness, and Sylvia Plath truly did that for me as a young girl. My girls will definitely be reading her works!

Plath's home would have a retro 1950's vibe with chrome accents paired with a gold, avocado green & black color palette. Abstract art & mid-century motifs add to the funkiness of the space and warm wood tones in the accent pieces sync the space in a cohesive way. A vintage typewriter pays homage to the time period she lived in. Although she tragically committed suicide in 1963, her works live on inspiring a new generation of women to question their roles even in our modern society today. Because of that she will forever live on. Happy Designing! Follow me on ETSY to see all the other Classic Author House Curations I've created - Happy Designing!