Aesop's House - Greek, Modern, Beautiful

The writer who has single-handedly raised the moral consciousness of generation after generation of young people across cultures and geographical boundaries is the subject of our newest Classical Author Home Curation Series on PaperCanvasEtc! Aesop's Fables have inspired many and are part of our collective morality. Reported to have been born around 620 BC, Aesop lived in Ancient Greece. Rather than the sole creative author, Aesop was probably more of a collector of the stories most of us have read as children. Aesop's home would absolutely reflect his Greek heritage with Greek key motifs in accessories & furniture. A soothing color palette of navy blue, white and gold would add to the modern feel of the space, which blends mid-century pieces with traditional classical elements in such a seamless way. If you enjoy my classical author home series, please follow me on Facebook at PaperCanvasEtc to never miss out on another curated home ever again!