House of Shakespeare

When I curate the homes of classic authors, I try to channel their personality from my own experience with their writing and from what I dredge up about them on the internet. I imagine them as if they were my actual client, who I was designing for. Literature immensely inspires my art and design, so this little side project of mine- decorating the homes of classic authors- is especially close to my heart. Call me weird, mentally ill or maybe I've just got too much time on hands, but as I peruse each Etsy listing, I can almost hear the author whispering to me, "Yes, that one," or "Oh God, no - who do you think I am!" Its funny, but I think if William Shakepeare were alive today he would be a bearded hipster. I think he would wear vintage graphic t-shirts, old man cardigans, rolled up jeans and quite possibly a hat w/ loafers. I think he would love his wife, have kids (just as he did in his time) and have a large dog named a very human name, like Kirk. His apartment (because he would live in the theater district of New York or maybe Piccadilly) would have a modern aesthetic with slight touches of mid-century furniture and a few English pieces exuding warm wood as an homage to his British upbringing. Ever the witty one, his accessories would be fun and the entire space would not take itself too seriously. You can see Shakespeare's House by following this link to ETSY. Like us on PaperCanvasEtc on Facebook to see all our new creations, concoctions and craziness!