Architectural Desk Lamps - A Love Affair

There are few lamps quite as versatile as the architectural desk lamp. The piece can't be beat for its function and style. I'm really quite in love with these lamps and use them a lot when I'm specifying for others and even myself! Not only can you move them around to increase their functionality, but their metal bodies in various shades of silver, gold, black or white really add a sleek texture to any room. Another thing I really love about this lamp is that with just a simple tweak to small details that vary from lamp to lamp, they can basically fit into almost any decor. I've seen styling details range from traditional to ultra modern. The lamps themselves can usually be found for reasonable prices, as well, which makes this designer super happy! If you would like to incorporate this element into your decor, here are a few sources for some really nice architectural desk lamps! Happy Designing!

1. Forsa Work Lamp By Ikea

1. First, we have the Forsa Work Lamp By Ikea. At $20, this piece can't be beat for its price and the rounded shade make it great for all styles of interiors! Follow this link for more product info.

2. Alvin Architect Lamp By Tiger Supplies

2. The styling on the Alvin Architect Lamp is simply unsurpassed and this particular fixture would go with any style in any place. You can find the product link here for purchase.

3. Crosby Architectural Desk Lamp By Target

3. If you want farmhouse styling with an industrial rustic flair, this is your lamp. The Crosby Architectural Desk Lamp by Target is so beautifully styled and so cool looking. Its enough to make any designer swoon. I specify this lamp often and with a price point of $37.00, who wouldn't? You can find the product link to Target here.

4. Architect Desk Lamp From Target

4. I've listed another go-to architectural desk lamp from Target. This one is a tad more expensive at $63.00, but for a more traditional or transitional interior, the styling on this particular lamp is unsurpassed! Find product info here.

5. Rex Grey Desk Lamp by Crate & Barrel

5. Last, but not least is the Rex Grey Desk Lamp offered by Crate & Barrel for $100. Not only is it minimal and unassuming, but the lamp offers a pairing of metal and wood that is quite beautiful. I would love to see this lamp used in a modern space with natural woods and industrial elements! You can find the product link here.