Room Décor – Less is More – A Minimalist Manifesto!

I was pretty young when I got married (21, yikes!), and we are still together! My husband and I were still in college those early months of marriage living in a tiny, two-bedroom apartment in the bottom of a townhouse on the questionable edge of town. Being from the South, we received lots of crystal and porcelain décor as wedding gifts as well as a stocked kitchen full of china and entertaining items that I honestly don’t know if I used it all even today after 15 years of marriage! I felt as if I had to put it all out on display to honor those people and proceeded to decorate every square inch of our first tiny place.  Which would have been ok- it looked cute – for late ‘90’s standards – except my hubby is a minimalist at heart and has since converted me.  My conversion didn’t happen overnight.  It took years of over-decorating for me to learn my lesson. Now, not only do our finances thank me, but my cleaning schedule does too! Moving consistently throughout our married life also hastened my conversion.  All that “stuff” I thought was important and special became burdensome with each sequential move.  After having children, it seemed our life went into overdrive.  I no longer owned my schedule between nighttime feedings, ballet class, soccer practice, or whatever. My free time became less and less, so I started looking for ways to streamline our home life. From chores, the clutter that invariably comes with children all the way to our finances was looked at a in different light as if I was a corporate efficiency expert.  The clutter simply had to go and with this new mindset a new aesthetic started to emerge within my personal design taste that was more modern with an eclectic twist and incorporated a few traditional elements here and there. So here is my Minimalist Manifesto; enjoy or simply keep scrolling!

1.     I shall have nothing in my house that I, or members of my family, absolutely do not love.

2.     I shall have nothing in my house that is broken unless we are in the process of fixing it.

3.     When something is purchased- something has to go to Goodwill.

4.     Our value is not found in things.

5.     We should feel at peace when we are in our home.

6.     Clean up what you are working on before moving to the next project.

7.     Only have one house project going on at a time (Ok – I know this one is hard!)

8.     Do not shop for fun or just to buy things. Only buy what you absolutely need!

9.     If it takes too long to clean or will not stay clean, it needs to be changed.

10.    Toys do not make kids happy – time spent with them does. We shall minimize toy purchases.

So there it is, take it or leave it. Happy Designing!