The Ten Things You Must Do To Organize Your Home

1.     Have a “landing area” for when you get home.  A place to put keys, purses, wallets, backpacks, etc… is essential to a well-designed and well-organized home.

2.     Have a place for extra blankets and pillows in the room when you watch movies or tv.  In my house, we have a large chest in our living room that houses these items.  In yours, this place may be a coffee table or actual closet.  Whatever it may be, you need one!

3.     Put items in your kitchen close to the place where you use them.  For example, place your spices close to the prep area, dishcloths next to the sink or dishwasher, etc…. You get the point.

4.     Don’t have excessive amounts of one thing.  Only have what you need.  Unless you are a professional caterer, you may not need the 4 chaffing dishes you bought for your wedding reception.  Donate them to a local soup kitchen and enjoy the extra space. 

5.     Keep cleaning products in the room that they clean.  I keep cleaning wipes and bathroom cleaner under the sinks in my bathrooms so they are always ready to go when I get around to cleaning.

6.     For items that clean the entire house, like your vacuum, mop or window cleaner, put all of these items in a single closet or cabinet together.  Also put specialty cleaning items that only get used a few times each year in this closet, as well. When you need it, it is in one location and easy to find.

7.     If a new item comes in the house, an old item has to go out.  Make this your mantra, embrace it, live it. Pretty soon clutter will have no place in your house. 

8.     Buy a large zippered notebook to keep important family papers in.  Organize these things by subject such as birth certificates, marriage license, power of attorneys, wills, present year tax info, receipts, investments, banking, medical records, owners manuals.  Give each subject a tab and place items in sheet protectors or file folders to keep them from falling out and protected.  Keep these papers close to where you complete home office tasks. 

9.     Start making your bed every morning.  Make it a habit. You’ll be amazed how much nicer a bedroom looks when the bed is made.

10. If it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it!

This is just a start, but can be an acceleration point to an organized beautiful home. Happy Designing!