A Styled Studio for an Illustrator and Writer - Tonya Jean

One of the things I love about being in a creative field is how connected you become to other creative people. I love the community, support & encouragement I receive from my creative counterparts, and I connect with them in a way that is unsurpassed. My friend, Tonya, is a talented and hard-working illustrator and writer. I love to read her blog for a good laugh and inspiration. Today, I've styled a sophisticated studio space for an illustrator & writer, like Tonya, using Polyvore that I think she would appreciate. In lieu of a traditional drafting table or desk, I've included a large kitchen island with lots of storage space for her work table and paired it with a comfy vinyl upholstered stool with casters and a silver architect lamp for task lighting. A large chalkboard is included to track projects and new ideas. Even more storage for art supplies is found in the triple library bookcase, woven baskets & wood trays. A shabby chic clock helps our artist keeps track of time that passes so quickly in the studio. I've included a sofa & comfy reading chair upholstered in leather that will be easy to clean in case paint gets on them, and I've paired it with a chunky knit blanket to snuggle up with. This space with its dynamic pops of black accents paired with natural browns is truly an area where one can create to their hearts content, but also relax and dream of upcoming projects. If you enjoy my sets on Polyvore, follow PaperCanvasEtc to see all my styled sets. Check out Tonya's blog and enjoy her witty writing about the creative life by following this link: Tonya Jean. Happy Designing!